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Magento 2 Development Quick Start Guide – This book guides you through Magento development, teaching you how to develop modules that extend or change its functionality, leading to more flexible and proftable Magento stores. You start with a structural overview of the key Magento development components.
Mastering PHP 7 – The book starts by unveiling the new features of PHP 7 and walks you through several important standards set by PHP Framework Interop Group (PHP-FIG). You’ll see, in detail, the working of all magic methods, and the importance of effective PHP OOP concepts, which will enable you to write effective PHP code.
Modular Programming with PHP 7 – Utilize the power of modular programming to improve code readability, maintainability, and testability.
Magento 2 Developer's Guide
Magento 2 Developer’s Guide – Harness the power of Magento 2 – The most recent version of the world’s favourite e-Commerce platform for your online store.
Getting Started with Magento Extension Development – This practical guide to building Magento modules from scratch takes you step-by-step through the whole process, from first principles to practical development. At the end of it you’ll have acquired expertise based on thorough understanding.
Instant E-Commerce with Magento: Build a Shop
Instant E-Commerce with Magento: Build a Shop – A fast-paced, practical guide to building your own shop with Magento.